Know How the Pandemic Has Alarmed Businesses for the Post-Corona Era

Considering the COVID-19, it appears that the tech world is being disturbed as well as at its boom if carefully planned. This new condition is challenging, and will amend the manner in which businesses work in ways we still can’t seem to foresee. While we as a whole had a thought that organizations would proceed […]

Avoid Making these Huge Mistakes to Earn More Customers for Your Startup Business!

You’ve just launched your startup business or you’ve been operational for a few years. Either way, you would have definitely strived for months or years to drive growth out of your venture. But for some reason, things are still not doing OK. But why? You pull a report and you noticed that audience lands on […]

INGIC – Recognized as the Best E-Commerce App Development Company in June, 2020

Mobile App Daily released the list of best ecommerce app developers recognizing Ingic as one of the best ecommerce app development agencies in June, 2020. Ingic is extremely proud of its talented and highly proficient app developers who are taking commerce to new heights and redefining the way people sell online. Nowadays, people around the […]